Mechanical and microstructural data used in: “Inelastic deformation of the Slochteren sandstone: Stress-strain relations and implications for induced seismicity in the Groningen gas field"

Pore pressure reduction in sandstone reservoirs generally leads to small elastic plus inelastic strains. These small strains (0.1 – 1.0% in total) may lead to surface subsidence and induced seismicity. In current geomechanical models, the inelastic component is usually neglected, though its contribution to stress-strain behaviour is poorly constrained.

To help bridge this gap, we performed deviatoric and hydrostatic stress-cycling experiments on Slochteren sandstone samples from the seismogenic Groningen gas field in the Netherlands. We explored in-situ conditions of temperature (T = 100°C) and pore fluid chemistry, porosities of 13 to 26% and effective confining pressures (≤ 320 MPa) and differential stresses (≤ 135 MPa) covering and exceeding those relevant to producing fields. The findings of our work are outlined in the corresponding paper. The data presented here are the measured mechanical tabular data and microstructural data (stitched mosaic of backscatter electron images) provided as uncompressed jpg images. In addition, for one sample we include chemical element maps obtained through Electron Dispersive X-ray spectrometry (EDX).

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Author Pijnenburg, Ronald (Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands), Verberne, Berend (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Geological Survey of Japan, Tsukuba, Japan), Hangx, Suzanne (Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands), Spiers, Christopher (Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands)
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Citation Pijnenburg, Ronald, Verberne, Berend, Hangx, Suzanne, Spiers, Christopher (2019): GFZ Dataservices
Created at repository 2019-04-06
Dataset contact Pijnenburg ( Utrecht University, Utrecht, The Netherlands Researcher )
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Publication date 2019-04-06
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